“Selbstverständlich Malerei”

This Summer 2015 the Belvedere exhibits a representative selection of works from the Ploner collection in the Orangerie. A substantial part of this collection has been donated to the house. The concept of the collection has been refined and extended with works from e.g. Brigitte Kowanz, Adrian Schless, Erwin Wurm, Lois Renner und Markus Huemer.

Until 27.09.2015



Fascination photography
In the ESSL museum for modern art.

The exhibition is a passionate, yet deliberately subjective, view on the photographies of the Essl collection, showcasing well established Positions but also works of artists that can be newly discovered. The current exhibition offers an associative open access to the world of photography. In tense combination it shows works from e.g. Thomas Demand and Lois Renner, Andreas Gursky and Melanie Smith, Tracey Moffat and Lisl Ponger, Jumana Manna and David Lurie.

Until 07.02.2016