Heiner Meyer

Heiner Meyer has won many awards during his career and has been granted various teaching assignments, i.e. at the HBK in Braunschweig. He is not only a painter with strong manual dexterity but also knows how to include hidden messages into his paintings, collages, prints and sculptures that will only reveal themselves to the very careful beholder. He does not just reproduce a more than well known trend in art but has managed to create is very own direction.

Today his works are represented by 20 galeries across the globe, he is shown on all major art fairs and many great collections include his works such as Tommy Hilfiger, Sean Ferrer Hepburn, Nicolas Zoulas, Sullivan & Cromwell, Museum Würth, Museum Ritter, Museum Oldenburg, JAB Anstoetz, VW/Piech, Escada, Sammlung Mang.

Heiner Meyer arranges topics he knows from years of everyday life in a way reminding of pop-art. He understands it as an expression of modern reality and confronts it with the glamour and sex-appeal of the modern day advertising world creating enigmatic narrative scenes. But especially his sculptural work (handbags, flacons and comic characters) is becoming a “Must Have” not only on the German market, but also on the Asian and the US market.

Tush & Chanel present - Heiner Meyer from Jan Brockmann on Vimeo.


⁃ 1953 geboren in Bielefeld
⁃ 1973 Arbeit als Assistent bei Salvador Dalí in Port Liggat, Spanien
⁃ 1977-83 Studium der Freien Kunst an der Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Braunschweig bei Prof. Karl Schulz und Prof. Malte Sartorius
⁃ 1981 Rudof-Wilke Preis der Stadt Braunschweig, Meisterschüler bei Prof. Malte Sartorius
⁃ 1982 Kunstpreis Lottogesellschaft Niedersachsen
⁃ 1983/84 Lehrtätigkeit an der HBK Braunschweig
⁃ 1987 Ebernburg Stipendium Rheinland-Pfalz
⁃ 1995 Förderung durch das Kulturministerium des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
⁃ 1996 Reisestipendium des Gothe Institutes Kasai Osaka /Japan

Heiner Meyer lebt und arbeitet in Bielefeld. Seine Arbeiten befinden sich im Besitz öffentlicher und privater Sammlungen



30 Years 30 Works
Galerie Tantius, Lübbecke

Beneath the Surface
Herforder Kunstverein, Herford

What´s the Word?
Brennecke Fine Art, Berlin

Ludwig Museum, Koblenz

Galerie Dutoit, Unterentfelden

Beneath the Surface
Galerie 2C for Art, Salzburg

Galerie Schimming „Take a Look“, Hamburg
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

Arthus Galerie, Zell a.H.

Galerie Noah, Augsburg

Matthias Küper Galleries, Stuttgart

Stories of the Future
Galerie Flügel, Nürnberg

Galerie Schimming „Take a Look“, Hamburg
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

Galerie Terminus, München
Galerie 2C for Art, Salzburg

Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton
Galerie Schimming, Hamburg

Campton Gallery, New York
Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco
Galerie Brenecke, Berlin

Campton Gallery, New York
Galerie Terminus, München
Galerie Schimming, Hamburg

Matthias Küpür Galleries, Beijing
Galerie Brenecke, Berlin
Galerie Albert Benamou

Galerie Rive Gauche, Paris
Galerie Schimming, Hamburg

Messen (Auswahl)

2015 Art Karlsruhe
2014 Art Miami und Art Salzburg
2013 Art Miami und Art Fair Köln
2012 Art Fair Köln und Art Karlsruhe
2011 Kunstmesse Düsseldorf und Art Karlsruhe
2010 Art Singapore und Art Karlsruhe