Simon Nelke

Bringing to light what lies in the depths, layer by layer. Putting the shadows of the visible into focus and turning the hidden into a motif. This form of art motivates Hamburg based artist Simon Nelke.
Since the beginning of his university studies Nelke deals a lot with people and human figures in his paintings. He uses them as protagonists in his works, that obey the principle of addition and deletion. Layering and partially ripping of parts of the oil paint makes up the foundation of his exeptional. Therefore parts of the picture that had been covered become visible again.
His colour range is huge and sometimes includes black and white parts. In terms of sujet and colours his works remind of those of Emil Nolde. Nolde painted humans and scenes from the South Sea (“Tänzerin”, 1913 or “Maskenstilleben II”, 1915). In the works of both artists the violet, blue, green and rose colourtones create an exotic atmosphere.
In all of Nelkes works a a creative self-confidence manifests itself, that he express through symbol-like objects. Mostly dreamy, even mythical motifs of the Orient and occident as well as from the world of indigenous tribes show the dimension of the hidden


Simon Nelke Portrait

1982 geboren in Hamburg
2011 Abschluss als Meisterschüler von Wolfgang Genoux an der Freien Kunstschule Hamburg

lebt und arbeitet in Hamburg


“zwischen gestern und morgen“
Galerie Schimming

“Affordable Art Fair Hamburg” (M)
Galerie Schimming / Hamburg

Galerie Schimming, Hamburg

Salon der Gegenwart, Hamburg